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Dear readers,

Thanks for dropping by my hobby site! I don't want to bore you with my personal bio, because cartoonists (of any medium) tend to be overshadowed by their comics, but just in case anyone's curious about who I am:

I draw comics as a hobby. I've been wanting to go professional, but with all the education and the time and the commitment required, I'm better off keeping it as a hobby (probably for the better). That way, I can draw what I
want do draw.

I'm currently an undergraduate college student (or as I like to call it, "stud" ... get it? get it? ok, that was pretty lame, i know). I don't want to reveal what I study, but I'll tell you it's not art. I live in the The Evergreen State, the home of Starbucks and Jones soda, and yes I drink lots of coffee. Trying to cut back on caffeine though. ^^;
I do try to take care of my work, but I
am just doing it for the hobby, ha ha ha ha ha. Seriously, I really need some training in art.

I also have a deviantART account, which can be accessed
here, for behind-the-manuscript talk and my previous attempts at comics.

To view my comic's Wiki page, click
here; and to go to my comic forum, click here.


KIM KUN, the creator of Leaf Diaries 

Email: leafdiaries@gmail.com



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